A morning at the theatre!

A morning at the theatre

A bit of a different morning with morning for our peer support group. We had a special guest Sophia Hatfield from Stute Theatre performing ‘you don’t know me’ an immersive audio play inspired by real stories of care. A beautiful audio theatre usually performed over the telephone reaching those people without technology. She was able to adapt this performance to our group via Zoom!

Some of the members experiences below..

“The performance was very good, very professional!”

“Very emotional at the end, I enjoyed it a lot,”

“It was so touching I wanted it to go on forever and ever, there are loads of messages in the play from the carers point of view and those who are being cared for. It was very touching I really did enjoy it!”

“It made me think of people I have lost or similar things I have been though, it has really made me think, a very good performance”

“The thing is we are all in the same boat and some things are a taboo subject but you have to say what you think while you can. A very good reflection of tough subjects.”

“I really enjoyed the stoke accent – you were all right duck!”

A huge thank you to Sophia and Stute theatre for the opportunity to listen to such a fantastic piece of audio theatre. Knowing that this can be reached in everyone’s phone via landline is a heartwarming thought.

Time for reflection on our relaxing morning we think!

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